“Through SHIFT I found a home and reunited with my fiance. We have a plan. We budget our money. We’re saving as we can,” Shatrece said. “My fiance and I are both working full time, and things are going great.”


“I found Rayal to be humble, honest and serious about fatherhood. He completed our Job Success series and was never late or missed a day. He was always early and eager to help with whatever was needed.”


“If my life were a fight, they would have stopped it,” James said. “Last year I was a mess. I can see a lot more clearly because of help from Metropolitan.”


My name is Angela Love, and I’m a former client of Metropolitan Family Services’ Adult Mental Health Program at its Southeast Chicago Center.

Youth Futures

“We are working with youth who are unable to go to other areas for their safety. As someone who lives in a regular home and neighborhood in a regular area of Chicago, we don’t even think about something like that. But our youth have to.”


“I called all three of them numbers, and two turned me away. I tried one more number, and that number led me to [Legal Aid Society Attorney] Mike Dickman. Thank God for him. Thank God for him.”


“Metropolitan has a passion for giving back to the community and helping families. They were role models for me. At Metropolitan I saw people do productive things, and got to know what type of life a person should be able to live in this tough world. It was a life-changing experience. ”

Healthy Families

“The program gives me security and reassurance that I’m navigating motherhood as I should. I can always reach out to them and they’re there. They care.”


“I think everyone should volunteer. It does you good,” Joy said. “It takes you out of yourself; you’re thinking about someone else.”

Pa Lante

“LAS helps the clients with divorces or obtaining orders of protection, but the abuse does not end there,” said Maria Loya, a bilingual intake specialist with LAS. “These ladies need much more help. When they arrive at the meeting, Juanita makes sure they have something to eat, because many of them come straight from work with an empty stomach.”