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Our Skokie Valley Center’s Adult Protective Services (APS) team met Samuel*, a 70-year-old experiencing cognitive decline and living in a skilled nursing facility, when they learned of allegations that his daughter was financially exploiting him.


“Daniel” is 77 years old, and lives alone at an independent senior apartment building. Though he is alert and oriented, his self-neglect manifested in his lack of housekeeping. As his living conditions deteriorated, and his apartment attracted rodents and cockroaches which spread to other parts of his building, the Adult Protective Services (APS) program at Metropolitan learned of the situation and stepped in to help.


Lynn knew it was time to reach out for help with her mental health when she noticed herself struggling the same way she had seen her sister struggle.

“She didn’t talk to anyone, and I saw how it affected her,” Lynn shares.


Emma, a West Chicago middle school student, started showing subtle signs of depression and suicidal tendencies, her school counselor gave her a clinical depression screening and a suicide assessment, which showed Emma needed to meet with a social worker for further support.


Dealing with depression and anxiety but not knowing how to manage it on his own, Maciej says, led to the lowest point in his life. He turned to drugs, which led to prison and near homelessness. During a stay at a psych ward, the hospital referred him to Metropolitan Family Services Southwest Center – to Social Worker Katie Reyes.


Lure is a single mom who needed to start a new career in order to support her daughter. First, she needed to earn a new skill, and our North Center’s WIOA (Workforce Investment Opportunity Act) program was there to help.

Mehta family

“We have learned how to be honest and open, and learned how to prioritize our family relationship throughout our experience in Adoption Support Preservation Services.” 

The Martin Family

When they’re not singing and dancing to K-pop bands or playing games with each other, the Martin children – Xavier, Cheyenne, and Trinity – are learning and growing together in a different way: through counseling, both individually and with their grandmother, Patty, in our Southwest Center’s Adoption Support and Preservation (ASAP) program.

The Figueroa Family

“It doesn’t feel like she’s a social worker to us, it feels like she’s a part of our family.”

Thank you to the wonderful Figueroa family for sharing kind words about their experience with Metropolitan North’s Empowering Families Initiative program!

The Ruidias Family

Ms. Ruidias, a single mother of four whose two youngest children go to our North Children’s Center, lost her job in the restaurant industry when the pandemic hit, and due to various complications, did not qualify for unemployment. She wasn’t alone.

“[Ms. Ruidias] stood out the most, as she came directly to staff about her loss of employment and family members,” shares Natalie Quintanilla, a Family Support Worker.

"I am not only labeled a survivor, I became one."

“I didn’t know what to expect when my advocate Lyndsay from Family Shelter Service walked into my world. I was abused, scared, and alone.” In a powerful letter, a client of Family Shelter Service of Metropolitan Family Services DuPage (FSS of MFSD) shares her experience working with Adult Advocate Lyndsay Hartman.

The Sharman Family

“Lee and Kate are older adult caregivers in our program who have shown an openness and strength in caring for their daughter,” shares Teresa, Lee and Kate’s clinician and a Mental Health Practitioner our DuPage Center’s Adoption Support and Preservation program.

Pria & Michele

Pria and Michele Colbert are two wonderful women who radiate resilience and strength. Pria is a freshman in high school who enjoys singing in the Chicago Children’s Choir, and Mrs. Colbert recently celebrated her 26th year of service in law enforcement.

The Daichendt Family

The Daichendts are a large family filled with love and resilience.

Mr. and Mrs. Daichendt have seven children, three of whom are adopted. Mr. and Mrs. Daichendt have been active participants of our North Center’s Adoption Support and Preservation Program (ASAP) for their two youngest children, Janna and Manny.

The Hernandez-Contreras Family

The Hernandez-Contreras family has been actively working on providing support to their adopted daughter, Jazzie, since they were foster parents. When the adoption was finalized, they sought services with Adoption Support and Preservation Program at Metropolitan’s North Center.


In the wake of his financial exploitation, “William” was able to maintain his safety and future finances, as well as regain some independence, with the support of Program Supervisor Avi Kaufman and our Evanston Center’s Adult Protective Services team.
“Now he has some hope,” Avi shares.

Angelina & Donna

When Donna brought Angelina to meet social worker Shawna Johnson at Metropolitan DuPage’s Adoption Support and Preservation program, the relationship felt strained. Through hard work on both Donna and Angelina’s parts, over the next year, both mother and daughter began to see real progress.


“This program is hope, for a new future, for a new life”

“Maria’s case is a perfect example of the comprehensive, diverse wraparound services that LAS and Metropolitan can provide for victims of domestic violence,” said Legal Aid Society Managing Attorney Melanie MacBride, as she introduced Maria at the 2019 Equal Access to Justice Awards Luncheon.

Prentiss & Shadelle

“It’s constant support to do your best and stay away from negative forces.” Prentiss and Shadelle share their experience in Metropolitan Calumet’s Upward Bound and Community Schools programs.

Lavette & Dwayne

On Lavette’s first visit to Metropolitan DuPage, she asked her clinician, Julia, about how confident she was in helping her son, Devin.

“She looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘very confident,’” Lavette remembers. “I made a decision to be open and honest about everything. I was desperate and we as a family were in a crisis!”


Don and his wife, Marlene, have been married for 56 years. His experience in Metropolitan DuPage’s Senior Family Caregivers program began just after Marlene was diagnosed with dementia.


“I’d be still trying to find myself.”


“MFS has empowered me through listening to my saga of my disbeliefs and perils that I’ve gone through, and taking the negativity and turning it into a positive so that I am able to cope with it.”


“Many people in my family have weight issues and diabetes,” Angelo explains, “so I wanted to get support to take better care of myself.” Angelo reports that he has many things to be proud of from his past 17 months with InSHAPE.


“Through SHIFT I found a home and reunited with my fiance. We have a plan. We budget our money. We’re saving as we can,” Shatrece said. “My fiance and I are both working full time, and things are going great.”


“I found Rayal to be humble, honest and serious about fatherhood. He completed our Job Success series and was never late or missed a day. He was always early and eager to help with whatever was needed.”


“If my life were a fight, they would have stopped it,” James said. “Last year I was a mess. I can see a lot more clearly because of help from Metropolitan.”


My name is Angela Love, and I’m a former client of Metropolitan Family Services’ Adult Mental Health Program at its Southeast Chicago Center.

Youth Futures

“We are working with youth who are unable to go to other areas for their safety. As someone who lives in a regular home and neighborhood in a regular area of Chicago, we don’t even think about something like that. But our youth have to.”


“I called all three of them numbers, and two turned me away. I tried one more number, and that number led me to [Legal Aid Society Attorney] Mike Dickman. Thank God for him. Thank God for him.”


“Metropolitan has a passion for giving back to the community and helping families. They were role models for me. At Metropolitan I saw people do productive things, and got to know what type of life a person should be able to live in this tough world. It was a life-changing experience. ”

Healthy Families

“The program gives me security and reassurance that I’m navigating motherhood as I should. I can always reach out to them and they’re there. They care.”


“I think everyone should volunteer. It does you good,” Joy said. “It takes you out of yourself; you’re thinking about someone else.”

Pa Lante

“LAS helps the clients with divorces or obtaining orders of protection, but the abuse does not end there,” said Maria Loya, a bilingual intake specialist with LAS. “These ladies need much more help. When they arrive at the meeting, Juanita makes sure they have something to eat, because many of them come straight from work with an empty stomach.”