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Who We Help

Today’s families struggle with many issues – poverty, substance abuse, violence, teen pregnancy, elder care, mental illness, cultural isolation and inadequate education. Recognizing that no single solution can address these problems, Metropolitan Family Services offers a variety of services tailored to the specific needs of families and individuals of all ages living in the communities surrounding each of our seven community centers.

Exceptional and dedicated Metropolitan staff members consistently work to provide critical services and programs that ensure individuals and families receive the support and resources they need to handle life’s challenges. Metropolitan Family Services makes a difference in their lives and provides hope for their future. Every family is encouraged to work together to realize their amazing strength.

72,000 Clients Served in FY17

Illustration representing clients by service area

Clients by Service AreaClients
32% Education21,451
30% Emotional Wellness20,030
23% Empowerment15,703
15% Economic Stability9,966