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Programs and Services

Adult Mental Health

Adult Mental Health offers recovery-based individual and group therapies, case management, crisis intervention and psychiatric services to adults with mental illness to help them achieve and maintain stability.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Promotes psychological, social and emotional development through psychiatric services and individual, family and group counseling, and community support. Services help children and adolescents address problems that interfere with daily functioning and school performance.

CILA (Community Integrated Living Arrangement)

Offers a supported, shared-apartment living environment for adults with mental illness, with staff on-site 24 hours a day. Staff provide case management, counseling, medication monitoring, transportation to medical appointments, and training in daily living skills.

Community Schools

Community Schools operate during non-school hours and expand positive choices and opportunities for youth while achieving academic success. Tutoring, homework help, recreation, life skills, cultural opportunities, and case management services are included.

Early Learning Home Visiting Programs

Provide expectant and new parents with education and support they need at the time of their child’s birth and during the most crucial first five years of life. Sessions in the home focus on providing young children experiences that foster healthy growth and development and positive parent-child interactions. Families also meet for activities, to socialize and attend workshops.

Mental Health Juvenile Justice (MHJJ)

Mental Health Juvenile Justice works with eligible youth and their families to provide support and services to improve clinical functioning, school performance and attendance, and decrease recidivism. Counseling, case management, home and community-based services are provided to youth who have had contact with the juvenile justice system and display serious mental health concerns.

Screening Assessment and Supportive Services (SASS)

Stabilizes crisis situations and provides intensive mental health services to children and adolescents who are experiencing acute psychiatric episodes. SASS uses intensive community-based intervention to limit psychiatric hospitalizations.

The Gerst Family Young Fathers Program

Helps fathers become employed, financially self-sufficient and raise healthy children. The program includes job readiness training and placement, money management training, parent education and co-parenting counseling. Participants are encouraged to actively nurture and financially support their children.

Veterans Individual and Family Program (VIP)

Offers outpatient counseling, psychiatric and support services to veterans and their families to help them manage symptoms, stress and challenges related to military service. The program emphasizes capacity for change while addressing key challenges, special needs and adjustment issues experienced by veterans.