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The Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Family Services was one of the first organizations in the nation to provide legal services for the poor. Since 1886 it has been a pioneer in providing “justice for all,” regardless of ability to pay.


The mission of the Legal Aid Society (LAS) is to protect and strengthen families by providing equal access to justice for all by focusing on the most vulnerable communities, including those who are impoverished, the elderly, and victims of violence & crimes.

We at the Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Family Services continue our commitment to securing access to equal justice by providing legal representation and assistance on domestic violence, family law, consumer and housing issues, elder abuse and financial exploitation, human trafficking, and victims of crime. We present “Know Your Rights” workshops on all the areas of law we practice and lead several legal clinics. In partnership with Metropolitan Family Services, we offer the most comprehensive services to our clients by providing meaningful opportunities to move up and out of poverty.

In addition, we work with local and state bar associations and local court administrators to advocate for better laws and a system that is more responsive to its clients and to low-income families in general.