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Photo of a Mom Mpowered

Mpowered Mom

Lizette Morales, 21, is a parent in the North Center’s Healthy Families program, which promotes healthy child development and strengthens family bonds. Case workers regularly visit clients’ homes providing one-on-one support to help each parent truly become their child’s first teacher. Family Support Worker Jennifer Saravia, has been working with Lizette and her family since Lizette was pregnant with son Aiden, now 2 years old. “Every six months Jenny and I write down what Aiden’s goals are,” Lizette says. “Aiden knew how to say 10 words when he was barely 10 months old,” she proudly shares.

The support Lizette and her family receive goes beyond helping Aiden learn his ABCs. It also helps Lizette and her husband Brian, 23, work through issues in their marriage. “Metropolitan helped us a lot. I’m not going to say my husband and I are perfect. But Jenny has given me advice and a number to call to talk and help us not fight.”

Lizette also is empowering herself, taking steps to fulfill her dream of going to college. “In high school my ACTs were 30, and I was accepted to Indiana University,” she says. “I wanted to be a nurse, but I ended up getting pregnant.” Then she suffered a miscarriage, and her college plans were halted. Lizette, who works part-time while taking care of Aiden, now feels ready to revisit her aspiration. “My goal is to go to school, and I’m saving up for that.”