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The mission of the Legal Aid Society is to protect and strengthen families by providing equal access to justice for our most vulnerable among us, including those who are impoverished, the elderly and victims of domestic violence.



When our Legal Aid Society’s (LAS) Domestic Violence Team first interviewed Yannely, she was participating as a complaining witness in a criminal case against her husband for abusing her. She had already received a long-term order of protection, but the order only protected her, not her children, and failed to provide a schedule for parenting time or child support.

After more than a year of painful negotiations, LAS was able to get Yannely divorced. The parenting time schedule is exactly what she wanted, and the personal property was divided the way she was hoping for. Throughout the process, she received counseling at no cost through Metropolitan’s North Center, and her son is starting counseling at Midway.

She now knows there is help available to her. “Sometimes as survivors of domestic violence we feel that the world closes all doors to us, and we stay next to our abuser out of need,” she says. “I learned that there is help out there if you ask for it.”

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