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Powerful stories from our empowering programs:

Photo of Nubia

Domestic Violence Services

Without funding, 600+ clients may lose services that keep them safe, including court advocacy, supervised visitation, and help obtaining orders of protection. Nubia’s Story

Photo of Tokiko

Mental Health / CILA

Without funding for the Community Integrated Living Arrangement program, 4 adults with serious mental illness will have nowhere to go. This puts their recovery at risk, and increases their risk of becoming victims of crime. Tokiko’s Story

Photo of Tonti

After-School Programs

Without quality after-school programs, more than 7,180 students will not have a safe place to go after school where they also receive academic support and other enrichment. Tonti’s Turnaround

Photo of a Trauma Therapist

Safe From the Start

Without funding, 36+ children ages 0-5 who have been exposed to violence cannot address problems such as PTSD, developmental delays and behavioral issues, perpetuating cycles of community and family violence.
A Trauma Therapist Speaks