The Human Trafficking Initiative

Started in 2011, the Human Trafficking Initiative is the collaboration of the Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Family Services (LAS), volunteer law firms and community groups to provide free legal services to survivors of human trafficking who face legal problems stemming from their exploitation. LAS has relationships with a number of exceptional law firms in the Chicago area, who as a part of this program, have agreed to volunteer their skills, expertise and resources and co-counsel cases with LAS to represent survivors of human trafficking.

The Human Trafficking Initiative’s legal services are client-centered. As a result, the legal services the Human Trafficking Initiative provides vary from client to client. After attorneys review the available facts, they explain the various legal services they believe would benefit the client. Ultimately, however, the client makes an informed choice as to the legal remedies they would like to pursue and the services they would like to receive.

Do Human Trafficking Initiative legal services cost anything?

All legal services provided to Human Trafficking Initiative clients by LAS and its pro-bono partners are free of charge. If there are any fees for filing papers in court or for immigration relief, Human Trafficking Initiative clients may be responsible for those costs.

How can one request Human Trafficking Initiative legal services or make a referral?

To request legal services, or to refer someone to the Human Trafficking Initiative for assistance, please call 312-986-4200 or email and mention the Human Trafficking Initiative. If making a referral via email, please include your name, phone number, and the name of the organization or group that you work with. If the proposed client has authorized their disclosure, please provide the name of the survivor and his or her contact information.

I would like to provide legal/social services or get involved:

The Legal Aid Society welcomes inquiries by individuals and organizations that want to contribute to the Human Trafficking Initiative by providing legal services, social services, or otherwise. Please introduce yourself via email,, how you would like to get involved and any specific skills or services you are willing to contribute.