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Almost one in every three women in America have reported being physically or sexually abused by a husband or boyfriend, and thousands of women in Illinois have suffered such abuse, according to the Illinois Attorney General’s office.

The Legal Aid Society (LAS) represents domestic violence victims in civil orders of protection cases, family law cases, and cases where the victim is requesting an order of protection in conjunction with a criminal case. LAS also engages is systemic advocacy on behalf of domestic violence victims.

Who do we serve?

  • Victims of domestic violence (DV) seeking orders of protection in civil or criminal cases
  • DV victims seeking immigration relief (learn more about services for immigration and victims of crime here)
  • DV victims seeking family law relief
  • Specialized services for elders (over age 60)

Case Types

  • Divorce & Parentage Cases
  • Civil Cases
    • Orders of Protection (OP): involving abuse by a family or household member
    • Civil No Contact Orders (CNCO): involving sexual assault
    • Stalking No Contact Orders (SNCO): involving stalking or repeated harassment
  • Criminal Cases
    • Safe Families Program: assists complaining witnesses who have children in common with their abuser in obtaining orders of protection in conjunction with criminal cases

Metropolitan Family Services Supports for Legal Aid Society & Domestic Violence Clients
Clients involved in cases through the Legal Aid Society may also access a range of other Metropolitan Family Services programs:



“When she had him arrested in 2016 for choking her, he cut off that financial support. And the power company cut off her lights. We filed an appearance in the criminal case to help her obtain the additional relief she was entitled through her order of protection. Even though child support had been statutorily available for tens of years, the Child Support Division had never been asked to process a child support order originating from a criminal case order.”


  • Safety and Family Practice Group served 1,527 clients and 2,499 family members in FY19, including the Domestic Violence Team serving 364 clients and the Safe Families Program serving 507 clients

Call 312-986-4200

To request supplementary services

  • Court Advocacy: 312-325-9175
  • Safe Exchange: 773-884-3310
  • Counseling:
    • Calumet Center (South/Southeast Side)
    • Midway Center (Southwest Side)
    • North Center (Northwest Side)