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Give a Gift of Stock

If you itemize your tax returns, securities gifts may allow you to have a federal income tax charitable deduction. Gifts of appreciated securities may provide additional tax benefits. To see if this is the best option for you, please discuss your tax situation with an attorney or accountant.

Gifts of stock may be wire transferred to the Metropolitan Family Services account at Northern Trust Securities, Inc. Contact a member of the Midwest Investment Team at (800) 621-4482, ext. 32. Metropolitan Family Services’ DTC Number is 0226. Our Account Number is NT2057045. Our Tax Identification Number is 36-2167940.

When transferring by wire, please ask your broker to include your last name – or its first few letters – as an identifying “marker” on the transfer. This will help us identify your gift and acknowledge it promptly.

If you have questions about gifts of stock or other appreciated property, please contact Michael Wilson, Gift and Financial Analyst, at 312-986-4174 or WilsonM@metrofamily.org.