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Planned and Estate Giving

By joining The Family Trust, you can make a profound impact on Metropolitan Family Services. Your gift can take many forms—and all of them make a significant community impact on empowering families to learn, earn, heal and thrive.  In many cases, planned and estate gifts provide donors like you with income and estate tax benefits while also supporting Metropolitan Family Services’ most important goals. We are happy to help identify giving options that work best for you and your family.


One common planned gift is to include Metropolitan Family Services as a beneficiary of your will.
Courtesy of FreeWill, Metropolitan supporters can now write a legal will at no cost, in 20 minutes or less. It also makes it easy to include the necessary language to create a gift in your plans that provides lasting support to our communities. Access this free estate planning resource here.

If you’ve already created a gift in your estate plan to Metropolitan, please fill out this form to let us know!

Planned and estate gifts may take multiple forms. Click for descriptions of the following options:

IRA Charitable Rollover

If over 70 1/2 years old, you can contribute your required minimum distributions (RMD) directly to Metropolitan Family Services.


Appreciated marketable public and private securities (stocks/bonds/mutual funds) held for more than one year may be gifted to Metropolitan Family Services.

Life Insurance

A fully paid whole life insurance policy gifted to the Metropolitan Family Services.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A trust that pays income for life (or for a term of years) to the trust beneficiary; upon the donor’s death, the principal passes to Metropolitan Family Services.

Charitable Lead Trust

A trust that makes payments to Metropolitan Family Services for a period of time; the principal passes to donor(s) or beneficiary(ies).

Real Estate

Appreciated real estate held for more than one year gifted to Metropolitan Family Services.

Gift Annuity

Annuity that supplies fixed or variable payments for varying lengths of time gifted to Metropolitan Family Services.

Retained Life Estate

A primary residence, vacation property, or farm/ranchland that the donor continues to live in or use for life.

Bargain Sales

Real estate or other valuable property sold to Metropolitan Family Services below market value.

Personal Property

Items such as marketable artwork, collectibles, antiques and automobiles.

Donor-Advised Fund

Direct donations to Metropolitan Family Services.

If you have questions about how you can leave a legacy and join the Family Trust, please contact Barbara West Stone, Chief Development Officer, at 312-986-4028 or westb@metrofamily.org.

The charitable gifting instruments above are descriptive only and are not intended to serve as professional tax or legal advice. Metropolitan Family Services advises that you consult with your tax and legal advisors before making any charitable gift.

The Family Trust recognizes those who have made a special designation in their estate plans for Metropolitan Family Services. These families demonstrate a significant commitment to empowering families.

  • Anonymous
  • Natalie Anenberg
  • Patricia Ashbrook
  • Mr. and Mrs. Erik Barefield
  • Robert and Darden Carr
  • Jennifer Comparoni and Matthew Bernstein
  • Dennis Conroy
  • Jennifer Straub Corrigan and Patrick Corrigan
  • Emily and John Costigan
  • Marie and Craig Duetsch
  • Jan and Jerry Erickson
  • Robert and Anne Faurot
  • Wade and Beverly Fetzer
  • Rhona and Julian Frazin
  • Virginia and Gary Gerst
  • Julie Hall
  • Elizabeth Harrington
  • Kyle Harvey
  • Jane Holzkamp
  • Jerry James and Kitty Bliss
  • Carol B. Johnson
  • Richard L. Jones
  • Ashley and Michael Joyce
  • Arthur O. Kane
  • Robb Knuepfer
  • Nancy and Robb Knuepfer, Jr.
  • Marcia and Dave Knuepfer
  • Richard Loewenthal
  • Anne and Ed Lyman
  • Nancy Lynn and Andy Teitelman
  • John and Lisa McClure
  • Martha and Richard Melman
  • Diana Palomar
  • Phyllis and Edgar Peara
  • Barbara Petersen
  • Ginger and Stanley Pillman
  • Barbara Rapp
  • Beth Dovenmuehle Rothermel
  • Patrick J. Schauer
  • Eileen P. Scudder and Russ Zimmermann
  • Alfreda Shapere
  • Laurie and Jim Shults
  • John Stitzell
  • James E. Thompson
  • Donna and David Tropp
  • Guy and Janice Vitello