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Young Fathers helps fathers to become employed and financially self-sufficient, and to raise healthy children. The program includes job readiness training and placement, money management training, parent education and co-parenting counseling. Participants are encouraged to actively nurture and financially support their children.

Job Success

Our community-based program focuses on:

  • Increasing young fathers’ access to the labor force
  • Improving young fathers’ financial literacy
  • Creating new and strengthen existing support systems for young fathers
  • Strengthening the relationships between young fathers and their children

Participants receive:

  • Help preparing for and finding a job
  • Fathering and co-parenting skills development
  • Networking with other fathers
  • Father-child activities
  • Attendance and educational progress incentives
  • Referrals to other services for further financial, medical, legal, housing, and behavioral health

Power of Fathers

The Power of Fathers Collaborative supports fathers and their relationships with their children, families and communities. A 12-week series focuses on individual strengths and goal setting, provided in a peer group setting. Learn more about Power of Fathers here.

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