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Staff Superheroes: FamilyWorks team empowering Calumet Center families remotely

“Despite staff teleworking, it is still business as usual.” Program Director Carrie Pullie shares her team in the FamilyWorks program at Metropolitan Calumet is working hard to support clients remotely with regular remote client check-ins.

The first week of the city’s shelter in place order, they made 599 successful contacts. During week two? 644 successful contacts – “to see how they are managing this pandemic and providing support when needed,” shares Carrie, “from delivering a food box, to making sure clients had transportation to get to work, or just providing a listening ear.”

They’ve dropped off care packages of food, diapers, toilet paper, bus cards, and other necessities. When there was a fire, they reached out to the three affected families to offer support. Perhaps most importantly, they’ve listened. They’ve listened to someone who lost their job, or does not have childcare, or may have been exposed, and they’ve offered help.

“Our staff have connected when clients need us the most,” says Carrie, sharing that clients have been honest and appreciative.

“Kudos to all of the staff in the FamilyWorks program,” says Carrie. “It has been a true team effort by a great team.”

Family Works is a comprehensive case management program that supports families as they strive for self-sufficiency. Family Works provides employment and education services, opportunities for youth, lease compliance, clinical and wellness services, and senior support services to families in Altgeld Gardens.

Another source of support for our families in Altgeld Gardens comes from the young people in the Altgeld Youth Leadership Program, through their monthly Food Distribution Events.

Food insecurity is an issue our young leaders care about; during these events, they offer donated nonperishables – and smiling faces – to their neighbors in need.