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Metropolitan Family Services Statement on Anti-Asian Hate

Earlier this week, we learned of and were saddened by the horrific shootings in Atlanta. These attacks come as part of a disturbing rise in violence, discrimination, and xenophobia directed at the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Metropolitan Family Services stands in solidarity with the Asian American community against these most recent and visible manifestations of durable, damaging racism, injustice, and white supremacy.

As stated in our statement regarding the brutal murder of George Floyd this past summer, we all have an obligation to stand up against racism, wherever and whenever we find it. We encourage you to learn more about anti-Asian discrimination and violence and what you can do about it: https://anti-asianviolenceresources.carrd.co

We mourn the lives of the victims, and we grieve with every individual forced to live the trauma of attacks rooted in hatred.

The goal of those who perpetrate such tragedies is to divide and demoralize us. We thank everyone who is finding ways to affirm and celebrate the humanity we all share. Let this atrocity further inspire us to truly respect each other, and to value our lives equally.