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Metropolitan Celebrates Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month starts May 1st.  May was chosen to celebrate the contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders within the United States, specifically to commemorate those of Japanese heritage who first immigrated to the United States and the anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad.

The broad term Asian American/Pacific Islander encompasses Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia and most countries in Asia. During this month, we recognize the tremendous diversity of AAPI communities, comprised of roughly 50 ethnic groups, speaking upwards of 100 languages, and hailing from at least 40 different countries.

We recognize and uplift the distinct cultures, traditions, and stories. When we amplify the voices of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, it helps to broaden our understanding and appreciate of their experiences. You can learn about their stories by reading Vox’s Asian American series or listening to “What Pacific Islanders Want You To Know”. Learn about the AAPI communities locally by visiting neighborhoods in Chicago or buying from an AAPI-owned business.