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Gallistel STEAM Night

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) skills are necessary to achieve college and career goals – just one reason for an Earth Day-themed Family Fun S.T.E.A.M. Night for families at Gallistel Language Academy!

We were pleased to welcome about 45 families to this event, which in years past has taken place in person. Thanks to a collaboration between Community Schools staff and the Gallistel Science Initiative Team, families experienced an engaging evening that was uniquely adapted to a virtual environment.

Family Fun S.T.E.A.M. Night included a welcome, three sessions and a closing with Earthy raffle prizes.

  • An Earth Day Trivia Game, hosted by Alex Palmer, a Naturalist at Sand Ridge Nature Center & Campus
  • Marble Run, hosted by Matthew Grudzien and Jennifer Darrah, CPS Instructors at Gallistel, challenged families to design, build, and test a marble track out of paper towel tubes
  • Leaf Print Art, hosted by Mary Koslowski, CPS Instructor at Gallistel, invited families to create a colorful painting out of leaves

Our Community Schools staff prepared Activity Kits for the sessions, and spread the word to students and parents. On the day of the event, with the direction of CPS Instructor Tish Grudzien, families rotated to Google Meet sessions tailored to their grade level.

“Parents were wonderful supporting their children by picking up materials and engaging with their students in the activities of the event,” shared Irma Saldana, Resource Coordinator for our Community Schools program at Gallistel. “Several families expressed how much fun their children had at the event and thanked us for providing it.”

Special thank you to the Gallistel Science Team! This group includes CPS instructors Trish Grudzien (Chair), Matthew Grudzien, Jennifer Darrah, and Mary Koslowski; Gallistel Principal Dr. Kimberly Nelson; and Resource Coordinator Irma Saldana.