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Calumet staff brings the Sea of Orange into the Roseland community

Our Calumet Center’s community outreach efforts recently led to educating our Roseland neighbors about human trafficking during an “All Staff Community Canvas”!

After a briefing on the issues and sharing strategies on communicating those issues, the staff comprising Metropolitan Calumet’s Sea of Orange canvased the neighborhood, passing out literature on human trafficking initiatives in addition to information about the programs and services offered at Calumet.

Program Manager Jackie Morris shares her perspective from the day:
Adorned in our Metropolitan Family Services orange shirts we ascended on the community ringing doorbells, knocking on doors, and sharing with all whom we met about the importance and necessity of being informed about the devastation of human trafficking. The mere visual of the orange shirts caused drivers to even pull over and inquire about the hundreds of people combing through the neighborhood. The Roseland community is now more aware and informed about who we are and what we do.
Our Message was loud and clear!
Our Motives were effective!
Our Mission was accomplished!
We are Metro!