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Social Workers are Woven into the Fabric of Our Society

March is National Professional Social Workers Month

Every day social workers help millions of people overcome personal challenges and work towards a better future. They are woven into a multitude of disciplines that make up the very fabric of society— from healthcare, justice and advocacy services to education, child and family programs. March is National Professional Social Worker month and the theme, “Weaving Threads of Resilience and Advocacy,” celebrates our nation’s 650,000 professional social workers who stand up for and foster the strengths of those who are most vulnerable.

“Social workers strive to help people reach their highest personal potential,” said Metropolitan Family Services Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Colleen M. Jones, LCSW. “Social Workers are highly trained licensed professionals who guide people through life-changing situations and carry on the tradition of social justice and public service.”

At Metropolitan Family Services, there are more than 800 social workers, educators, youth workers, attorneys and support staff who last year helped more than 53,000 deserving families with services that promote Education, Economic Stability, Emotional Wellness and Empowerment. We know families are the heart of strong communities and we offer hope and opportunity as they reach for their personal best.