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Our Gallistel Community School’s Music Programs held a Spring Showcase to celebrate band, choir, and orchestra students

Congratulations to the students in the Gallistel Language Academy Music Programs on a successful Spring Showcase!

As part of our Community Schools program at Metropolitan Southeast Chicago, led by instructor Travis Cuckler, student participate in award-winning ensembles for Concert Band, Concert Choir, Philharmonic Orchestra, and Beginning Band.

Family, friends, and teachers – including OST (Out of School Time) Coordinator Irma Saldaña – cheered on our students at the Spring Showcase, where each group performed.

Next, the Concert Band & Orchestra will be participating in the Illinois Grade School Music Association’s District Contest!

Thank you to Gallistel Language Academy and its Principal, Dr. Kimberly Nelson, for your partnership in our Community Schools program, and for sharing your wonderful students with us.