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Domestic Violence survivor makes masks, empowering herself and those around her

A Domestic Violence Counseling client, whose job involves making products by hand, has been learning how to use a sewing machine on her path to gain financial stability.

Despite her family being impacted economically by COVID-19, she found the time and strength despite her own needs during this pandemic to create protective masks for her friends and family. She even made masks with different themes, to give kids options to wear something they liked so it would not feel as traumatic to wear them.

DV Counselor Ruby Torres shares the story inspired her and her coworkers, as it demonstrates the client’s resilience, perseverance, and motivation to help others. The DV program takes an empowerment model approach, and she exemplifies that empowerment in action.

“She was able to use her creative skills and perseverance to continue to work from home and create masks instead,” Ruby says. “In doing so, she is not only helping her family, but also helping families that may need masks to go outdoors.”