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Stories from Parenting Fundamentals

Our Winter 2018 Parenting Fundamentals classes are underway! Our Learning and Wellness Center’s Warsheka Griffin shares a few updates across the programs from the most recent session.

Earle Elementary School, Englewood
Parents with children 13-18

“It’s always a pleasure being in the presence of parents that want better for their children. Being a better parent and being an engaging parent in Englewood has made them special.”

Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, Englewood
Parents with children 13-18

“First class at Martin Luther King school. This class was so funny and they never wanted to leave.”


Carver Elementary (Wheatley), Altgeld Gardens
Parents with children 12-18

“At the first class in Altgeld Gardens, they were so excited. They welcomed me in and greeted me with kindness. These ladies made sure that they finished this parenting class with sweet joy. Even though they had a lot challenges throughout the eight weeks, they pushed through the obstacles.”


Parenting Fundamentals offers parents tools and techniques to help their children live fulfilling and productive lives. Parenting Fundamentals is a
comprehensive, evidence-based Parenting Education program that offers classes in English and Spanish to parents with children ages 0-18. The program empowers parents through education to strengthen their families and improve school performance.

Fundamentos de Crianza ofrece a los padres herramientas y técnicas para ayudar a sus hijos a vivir una vida plena y productiva. Fundamentos de Crianza es un programa educativo integral para padres basado en evidencia, que ofrece clases en inglés y español a padres con niños de 0 a 18 años. Este programa ofrece herramientas a los padres para fortalecer a sus familias y mejorar el rendimiento escolar.