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Mesirow Mpowers Southeast Chicago students with donated school supplies

Mesirow Mpowers students in our Southeast Chicago Center communities!

Thanks to an outpouring of support from Mesirow employees during a two-week school supply drive, the company – which matched employees’ contributions – recently donated nearly $12,000 worth of items for children in our programs.

In total, these donated school supplies for all ages filled about 750 backpacks for elementary, middle, and high school students!

Our staff distributed the backpacks in programs including our Community Schools programs at Marsh Elementary, Gallistel Language Academy, and Bowen High School. The backpacks not only provide tools our kids need to succeed in school, but also alleviate a cost for their parents during what can be an expensive time of year.

Thank you to all Mesirow employees who purchased school supplies, and to Mesirow for organizing this empowering effort!