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Workshops at Southwest engage staff & clients in physical and mental wellness

Our Southwest Center recently held wellness workshops for our staff and clients, sharing information and techniques to benefit children, adults and seniors physically, mentally and emotionally.

Brian Thompson, founder of BFITBNEW4LIFE, led a workshop for staff, about Caring for the Caregiver, and one for clients, on Pain & Stress Management.

  • Educated our participants and demonstrated the benefits of tai-chi and chee-gong for stress management, pain management, and overall mental and physical wellness
  • Talked about transferring energy and engaging in gentle movement, which are the main components of these Chinese philosophies
  • Shared information about “cupping” and “sweeping” as methods to help reduce physical discomfort or problems
  • Focused on natural, simple, and quick ways to help heal ourselves and cope free of cost and how these methods could also benefit our clients as part of their treatment

Staff and clients alike enjoyed the workshops! Thank you to Brian for the opportunity to learn more about improving our mental and physical wellness.