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Jason Eliason is Named Chief of Staff of Metropolitan Family Services


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Jason Eliason is Named Chief of Staff of Metropolitan Family Services

CHICAGO (August 3, 2021) – Jason Eliason has been named Chief of Staff at Metropolitan Family Services, effective August 2, 2021. Eliason reports to Metropolitan President & CEO Ric Estrada.

Eliason brings 20 years of information technology expertise to Metropolitan, focusing on solutions that improve organizational reach and effectiveness. His work in the nonprofit community has supported legal services, workforce development, health and behavioral services, housing, education and international human rights. Eliason’s broad experience has honed his ability to apply technology in ways that advance an organization’s mission.

In his new role at Metropolitan, Eliason’s major responsibility will be to enable the agency’s CEO to work most effectively with internal and external stakeholders and to fulfill his commitments to Metropolitan’s partners, funders and Board of Directors.

Eliason will support the CEO and Board of Directors in setting and executing strategic priorities, including helping to identify areas to direct focus and resources, establishing goals, and identifying key performance indicators and metrics for measuring success.

As Chief of Staff Eliason will help build and maintain key agency-building relationships. In addition, he will create, coordinate and execute an internal communication strategy, working with the Senior Director of Marketing, and he will oversee large, cross-functional organization-wide projects and initiatives as required.

Prior to his new role Eliason was the Director of Information Technology for Haymarket, a multi-site, non-profit substance use disorder treatment center providing comprehensive behavioral health solutions through inpatient, outpatient and outreach services. There he was responsible for all technology infrastructure for a 24/7/365 facility supporting 350 users and 146 discrete applications across four facilities. Eliason’s accomplishments included creating a four-year board-approved technology plan to guide the agency’s infrastructure modernization.

Before that, Eliason spent more than a decade with the Heartland Alliance, where he held multiple roles spanning IT and business development, culminating in serving as Senior Director of Continuous Improvement. In that role he provided strategic direction and management for technology-centered continuous improvement projects throughout the enterprise, serving five U.S. geographic areas and 12 countries. He also collaborated with cross-functional teams to deliver on assigned initiatives from selection and planning to execution.

Throughout his working career Eliason has frequently been “on loan” to different divisions of organizations he has worked for in order to lead special initiatives. His experience includes advancing projects focused on communication and client information as well as donor, finance and infrastructure systems. His passion is bringing programs and departments together to improve operations and client services.

Eliason began his career working in finance for brokerage houses and insurance companies but joined the nonprofit world in 1999, seeking a more rewarding career.

Eliason serves as an Ambassador with the Active Transportation Alliance and a Board Member of the Edgewater Glen Association. He is an avid, year-round cyclist and public transportation enthusiast, who enjoys gardening and is an aspiring carpenter, handyman and materials reclaimer.

Eliason’s area of focus at the University of Washington was General Studies.


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