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MPowered spotlight on Maureen “Reenie” Meyer, Manager of Resale Operations: Happy Retirement!

Congratulations and thank you to Maureen “Reenie” Meyer, with gratitude for her service as Manager of Resale Operations. We wish her the best in retirement!

Reenie has touched many lives during her tenure as manager of both the Treasure House Resale Shop in Glen Ellyn and the Family Shelter Service Resale Shop in Naperville. Reenie led significant growth and expansion of the resale stores, increasing sales more than five-fold over the past ten years. Proceeds from these stores directly benefit programming for Metropolitan Family Services DuPage, and are an important source of funding for our mission.

Reenie took the time to reflect with us on her time here at Metropolitan Family Services:

How long have you served Metropolitan as Manager of Resale Operations?
10 years as of March 2022. When I started, it was just my assistant Martha and myself, and about 70 active volunteers. We have now grown to two locations with eight staff and about 120 volunteers!


How many volunteers do you estimate served during your MFS tenure?
We usually have 65-75 active volunteers at all times. In ten years, we probably have had at least 150 or more regular volunteers, and several hundred court-mandated volunteers…many volunteers who are still active now preceded my time by several years! Our volunteers have been our greatest asset.

What was one of your biggest challenges that you overcame in this role?
The daily juggling of fitting an unpredictable and daily changing amount and quality of donations into an attractive and safe environment in which people might like to shop. Our creative and hardworking staff and volunteers make that possible. It’s a daily balancing act, which the store teams handle calmly, efficiently and creatively.

What part of this job has made the most impact on you personally?
I believe I have formed some lifetime connections with some of the volunteers, staff and customers. Those relationships will always be a blessing in my life. We’ve gone through many experiences together, and their constant support and encouragement is what keeps me going!

Do you have a favorite volunteer story?
My favorite silly story is about a volunteer who asked how to clean some dishes; I suggested “soap and water.” There are way too many great volunteer stories to relate! I have come to realize that I love all of them for their own unique personalities and gifts. Every day is totally different and that’s one of the best parts of the job.

What will you do in retirement?
Not work! Finally read a book from cover to cover in less than two months!

Will you volunteer?
Yes, I’ll probably substitute at both stores once in a while … once you shop resale, you’ll never be able to shop retail!

We are grateful to Reenie, and wish her well in retirement! Here she is pictured with her partner and grandkids: