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Week of the Young Child: Metropolitan celebrates children birth – 5 years!

Last week we celebrated our youngest learners during Week of the Young Child at our Midway Learning & Wellness Center, Midway Children’s Center, and North Children’s Center!

Week of the Young Child, hosted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), celebrates early learning, young children, their teachers, and families.

Read on to learn how we celebrated throughout the week, and to see photos from each center!

Signs at North Children’s Center and Midway Learning & Wellness Center, created by staff and children, to celebrate the week’s festivities

On MUSIC MONDAY: children, teachers, and parents participated in music and movement activities throughout the day.

  • Performed our favorite Early Learning songs
  • Made up our own lyrics
  • Played movement games
  • Made their own instruments

On TASTY TUESDAY: everyone wore their pajamas, as we celebrated healthy eating and fitness.

  • Explored new foods
  • Made smoothies
  • Learned to follow a recipe & measure ingredients
  • Practiced gross motor skills on an obstacle course
  • Joined together for a dance party
  • Zumba!

On TEAMWORK WEDNESDAY: everyone wore their favorite team’s apparel. Through kindness and collaboration, we learned together and strengthened children’s social-emotional and cognitive skills.

  • Played cooperative games
  • Participated in team building activities
  • Celebrated being a great friend

On ARTSY THURSDAY: everyone wore their favorite colors. Art is a child’s opportunity to create using their imagination; we developed creative thinking through process-based art.

  • Shared stories, books, and artifacts to teach children about culture
  • Created Week of the Young Child banners and murals to display during Friday’s parade

On FAMILY FRIDAY: everyone wore Metropolitan orange and grey in the Week of the Young Child parades!

  • Collected natural artifacts to make art
  • Engaged in observational drawing of the nature around the playgrounds and parks in our communities
  • Talked about characteristics of our world
  • Our Midway Learning & Wellness Center hosted a Community Health Fair