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Our DuPage Early Learning team has HEART

Even in difficult times, staff show up with heart every day to support children and families from home!

“Staff are doing a wonderful job of serving clients that in some cases are deep in crisis,” shares Site Supervisor Nicole Nincic. “There is a fine balance between supporting e-learning and supporting the core of the family as we work to assist them with the resources they need to keep their family safe!”

She adds, “I am so proud of the work that we are doing!”

A few of the teachers on the “Heart Call” pictured above shared what they love about working with their families. We’re inspired by their Mpowering and positive attitudes!

  • “I love to feel that I can/am doing something good for them. I love my team and coworkers. I love to teach, learn from my coworkers and their experiences . I love to have fun and enjoy my kids successes (like when they are potty trained) and be there to support them and make them feel safe.”
  • “I love that even in a crazy time like this, we have plans in place to keep our jobs going, the adaptability is amazing no matter what we are all problem solvers!”
  • “I love when a child comes up to me and looks at me with a smile on their face and gives you a hug for no reason.”