Metropolitan Will Be Open Thurs., 2/19

Metropolitan Family Services will be open for business Thursday, Feb. 19, to ensure we meet the needs of thousands of families we serve.

Severe weather conditions are expected, so please take safety precautions. Following are tips to consider:

  • Keep children and seniors indoors.
  • People with respiratory conditions should not go out.
  • People with heart conditions should not be out and should not shovel heavy snow.
  • Please check on seniors and people with mobility issues to confirm they have heat.
  • Listen to news outlets and follow directions.
  • Teens tend to minimize risk and expose themselves to frostbite, hypothermia and other cold-related dangers. Help them make good decisions or make decisions for them.

About Metropolitan Family Services
Metropolitan Family Services empowers families to learn, to earn, to heal, to thrive. Part mentor, part motivator, part advocate, since 1857 Metropolitan Family Services has been the engine of change that empowers Chicago-area families to reach their greatest potential and positively impact their communities.