Metropolitan Partners With Impact DuPage

Metropolitan Family Services DuPage has partnered with the DuPage County Health Department and other local organizations to establish Impact DuPage, a new resource for community-specific health data, information and initiatives. The website,, organizes and publishes data on local quality of life with the goal of inspiring community action to advance the well-being of county residents.

Theresa Nihill, Executive Director of Metropolitan Family Services DuPage, sits on the steering committee and helped create the surveys assessing the health needs specific to DuPage County communities. Metropolitan and other service organizations will continue to submit new data, allowing Impact DuPage to provide the most up-to-date information and analysis of its kind.

The county-wide initiative will identify local needs and gaps in service, and offer policymakers and service providers solutions to complex issues such as affordable housing, mental health, substance abuse, access to health care services, and healthy lifestyles. Individual community members can also use the website to find information and resources relating to their own health needs.