Metropolitan Applying for 21st Century Grant

Metropolitan Family Services is applying for an Illinois State Board of Education grant that will allow Metropolitan to continue providing school-based services and youth development programs at eight Chicago Public Schools, via 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) programming. Schools include:

Northwest Side

  • Peter A. Reinberg Elementary School
    3425 N. Major Ave.

Far South Side

  • Marcus Garvey Elementary School
    10309 S. Morgan St.
  • Gompers Fine Arts Option Elementary School
    12302 S. State St.
  • Harlan Community Academy
    9652 S. Michigan Ave.
  • Lavizzo Elementary School
    138 W. 109th St.
  • George M. Pullman Elementary School
    11311 S. Forrestville Ave.

Southeast Side

  • Gallistel Language Academy
    10347 S. Ewing Ave.

Southwest Side

  • Claremont Academy Elementary School
    2300 West 64th St.

Metropolitan has been providing 21st CCLC programming at Claremont, Pullman and Reinberg schools since 2007 and, if approved for renewal, will be entering their fourth of five years of anticipated funding from the Illinois State Board of Education. Metropolitan has provided 21st CCLC programming at Gallistel, Garvey, Gompers, Harlan and Lavizzo schools for one year since 2009 and will be entering their second of five years of anticipated funding from the Illinois State Board of Education.

For 50 years Metropolitan Family Services has provided school-based services and youth development programs in partnership with the Chicago Public Schools. Metropolitan has provided out-of-school time programs since 1996. Metropolitan’s 21st CCLC programs provide academic support services, life skills development, recreational and cultural activities to support youth and their families during the critical hours before and after school. An Advisory Board made up of program staff, teachers, school administrators, parents and other community stakeholders is established at each school to provide direction and input into programming.

About Metropolitan Family Services
Metropolitan Family Services, one of Chicago’s first and largest human services organizations, strengthens more than 50,000 low-income individuals and families throughout Chicago and the suburbs each year.