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Judie Caribeaux, Senior Director of Strategy and Innovation, wins Nonprofit Executive of the Year

West Suburban Philanthropic Network honored Judie Caribeaux, Metropolitan’s Senior Director of Strategy and Innovation, with its Nonprofit Executive of the Year Award for her work as Executive Director of Family Shelter Service, now Family Shelter Service of Metropolitan Family Services DuPage (FSS of MFSD).

Learn more about the West Suburban Philanthropic Network’s Award Luncheon here.

In accepting the award, Judie thanked the FSS of MFSD and Metropolitan Family Services boards for nominating her, and spoke to the importance of working together in light of our recent merger.

“It takes a community of people to really make sure that victims of domestic violence are safe, and they are the champions,” she said, thanking the boards, former board, staff, and her own family for being champions of FSS of MFSD’s work in transforming lives by offering help and hope to those affected by domestic violence.

Learn more about FSS of MFSD here.

“And now I have a new family,” she continued,” and that’s Metropolitan Family Services, as we come together to really try to make a difference in the lives of victims of domestic violence.”

View Judie’s full acceptance below.