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Geto to Know: La Ria Cochran, Adoption Support & Preservation Therapist

La Ria Cochran has been a part of our Southwest Center’s Adoption Support and Preservation program since March 2013.

She has been an integral part of our team, providing her wealth of experience and knowledge in various approaches – including Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competency; Trust-Based Relational Intervention; and Multisystemic Therapy – to the benefit of her families.

She received both her BS and MS at Tennessee State University and obtained her LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) certification.

Prior to joining Metropolitan Family Services, she worked at Youth Villages in Nashville, TN where she performed duties and provided services similar to our ASAP Program, including home based as well as community-based therapy.

La Ria’s favorite part of her work with the Adoption Support and Preservation program is being able to work with the entire family. She views family engagement as a cornerstone of the client and their success. Having families engage and be part of the client’s growth and progress makes all of the difference!