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Get to Know: Adoption and Guardianship Support and Preservation Therapist Meghan Luse

Meet Meghan Luse, a Senior Counselor in our DuPage Center’s Adoption and Guardianship Support and Preservation (ASAP) program!

Since joining the ASAP team almost two years ago, Meghan Luse has provided individual and family therapy to the families we serve, played a significant role in our intake process, and coordinated Respite services for our DuPage families. The Adoption Respite program provides therapeutic support to adopted kids who have mental health challenges and their families.

Meghan shares, “I have enjoyed being the first point of contact for families seeking ASAP services in my intake role. I believe it takes courage to reach out for help, so I like to be able to validate parents for taking that step, and provide them with hope for the future.”

In reference to her work with families in therapy, Meghan says, “It is an honor to walk alongside families through all of the ups and downs. I understand how difficult it can be to allow a therapist to see you at your worst or admit the things you don’t want to say out loud. It is very meaningful to me, and I appreciate every person I interact with.”

Meghan received her undergraduate degree from Augustana with a major in Psychology and then graduated from Rosalind Franklin University with a master’s degree in Clinical Counseling in 2013.

Meghan’s experience previous to coming to Metropolitan was a combination of crisis intervention, therapy, and assessment. Meghan completed assessments to determine further need for psychiatric evaluation in emergency rooms and was on the SASS (Screening, Assessment, and Support Services) team as the Clinical Supervisor.

Meghan has trainings in suicide prevention and crisis intervention and through the ASAP Program has also been trained in ARC (Attachment Regulation and Competency), TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention) Caregiver Training, and Theraplay. Meghan has additionally completed significant training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).



Adoption and Guardianship Support and Preservation provides home-based intervention to families formed through adoption or subsidized guardianship. Counseling, crisis intervention and 24-hour on-call assistance help address adjustment, grief/loss resolution, attachment, educational and emotional issues. This DCFS-supported program also provides therapeutic respite services, psycho-educational and support groups, workshops, and help securing resources.