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Domestic Violence Summit educates Metropolitan staff on Overcoming Barriers

An internal Domestic Violence Summit helped educate staff in Metropolitan’s domestic violence-related programs about barriers victims face in accessing services and supports that can help them obtain justice and rebuild their lives.

Metropolitan CEO Ric Estrada gave an introduction, laying the groundwork for a day of professional development in a critical area of programming. Sessions included:

  • “DV Later in Life,” presented by Metropolitan’s Louis Hill;
  • “Envision Illinois: Safety, Justice, and Healing,” presented by Envision Illinois’ Linda Sandman;
  • “Incarcerated Survivors,” presented by Cabrini Green Legal Aid’s Rachel White-Duncan;
  • “Barriers to Leaving, Carceral Feminisms and the Struggles of Oppressed Survivors,” presented by Chicago Metropolitan Battered Womens Network’s Danielle A. Boachie;
  • and a closing presentation by Metropolitan’s Domestic Violence Program Director, Elena Calafell.

Thank you to our presenters, and to our staff who consistently work to better themselves within their field.