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Calumet Center celebrates our new Certified Medical Administrative Assistants

Congratulations to the graduates of our Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) Training Program!

The CMAA Training Program, an initiative of Metropolitan’s Financial Opportunity Center, serves clients who are interested in pursuing a career in the medical field.

Our 2019 Fall Cohort had a 100% pass rate on the state board exam. The program has assisted 27 clients with job placement, and 34 of our graduates are enrolled in the Employment Preparation and Placement Program at our Financial Opportunity Center.

The CMAA Training Program offers a pathway to employment stability for people like Annette and Chappelle, mother and daughter graduates of our Fall 2019 Cohort. Annette graduated as the cohort’s top student, and is now employed as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Chappelle was also a top student, and sojourned through the class despite being seven months pregnant at the beginning. She passed her National Healthcare Administrator (NHA) exam, then had her baby a few days later.

Since it began in January 2018, the CMAA Training Program has enrolled 149 clients; 56 have taken the National Healthcareer Association Certification test, with 92% passing.

“I am extremely proud of the hard work and tenacity of Bridge Coach Instructors Anthony Pugh and Amzi Muhammad,” shares Jackie Morris, Program Manager of the CMAA Training Program and the Financial Opportunity Center. “Kudos is also extended to Falecia Brown, Senior Supervisor of FOC.  Our success is a team effort!”

About the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) Training Program

The job growth rate for Certified Medical Administrative Assistants is expected to be 23% over the next 7 years with median salary of $32,000.

Through three key components – Medical Office Professional Skill, Technology Application, and Medical Office Operation – the training provides a holistic approach to prepare clients for the workplace while providing the administrative training to work in hospitals, clinics, specialty medical offices, dental offices, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers.

The program provides job readiness training, resume assistance, and mock interviews, as well as professionalism in the workplace. Program staff spends extensive time preparing clients for today’s work environment while giving them the skills they need to perform at a high level.

Collaboration with the Greater Englewood Community Development Corporation (GECDC) makes this program possible. A partner since January of 2018, GECDC provides the CMAA Training Program with space for class, promotes the both this program and other Financial Opportunity Center job fairs through its monthly newsletter, and presented our Fall 2019 Cohort’s top student, Annette, with a laptop.

Special thank you to the Greater Englewood Community Development Corporation’s strong commitment to the CMAA Training Program and Metropolitan’s Financial Opportunity Center!