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Boy Scout Troop 1 beautifies outdoor spaces at Metropolitan Calumet

It was a beautiful day in Roseland as Boy Scout Troop 1 Scouts and families, led by Eagle Scout candidate Kapil Chaudhari, worked together on a service project to beautify outdoor spaces at Metropolitan Family Services Calumet, known as the Miracle on 103rd Street.

The Eagle Scout project beautified 103rd street near the entrance to our Calumet Center, and improved the client and staff courtyard in honor of two Calumet Community Board Members, Ruby Larkin and Bettye Baker-Houston, who are both celebrating their 40th year of Community Board service.

A special thank you to Metropolitan Board of Directors member Piyush Chaudhari, son Kapil, and the Chaudhari family for choosing our Calumet Center for this special project!