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Board Spotlight: thank you, Paul Pyrcik!

Please join us in well wishes for longtime DuPage Community Board Member Paul Pyrcik, who is stepping down from the board after 23 years! Paul will be spending more time with his wife, Robin, and their children.

Metropolitan COO Theresa Nihill, who worked closely with Paul throughout her time as Metropolitan DuPage’s Executive Director, shared her thanks and gratitude during a recent board meeting.

“You challenged us all the time to be better; you challenged the staff to be better, you challenged the board to be better,” Theresa shared.

“One of the things that I remember that you would say to the board on a regular basis is, ‘When we leave this meeting, let’s walk through the waiting room and look at the families and individuals sitting in the waiting room. It’s our job to support them to be ambassadors for them to raise money for them.’”

Paul sat on multiple committees, including 12 years on the Executive Committee, and served as chair from 2003-2011. We’re pleased to share Paul will now join the DuPage Alumni Board, where we look forward to his perspective and expertise as we continue to empower DuPage families together.