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Board Member Spotlight: Meet Christy Harris, VP of Talent Acquisition and Inclusive Diversity at Allstate

“When our communities are thriving, we all win.”
Christy Harris, VP of Talent Acquisition and Inclusive Diversity, Allstate

Giving back – and inspiring her workforce to do the same – helps guide Christy Harris in her role as VP of Talent Acquisition and Inclusive Diversity for Allstate. Christy is also a member of our Board of Directors, joining us earlier this year through our merger with Family Shelter Service, which provides domestic violence services for DuPage County. Family Shelter Service is now part of our DuPage Center.

We had the opportunity to ask Christy a few questions about her new role on the Board and why giving back matters to her and Allstate:

You joined Metropolitan’s Board of Directors as Family Shelter Service became part of the Metropolitan family. This coming together is enabling DuPage County domestic violence survivors to access a comprehensive continuum of vital services. What are your hopes for this union as it moves forward?

With this union, Metropolitan Family Services is better positioned to serve our clients. Domestic violence survivors often have multiple, unique needs and joining Metropolitan Family Services gives those clients greater access to the services they need to break free and stay free from abuse.

Allstate’s goals for its staff include helping them reach their potential; Metropolitan shares the same focus as it helps empower its clients. Why should investing in people be a top priority for businesses and nonprofits?

Corporations and nonprofits play an important role in society, and even more so when they work together. They both provide dignity in employment and offer resources to better the communities in which they live and work. At Allstate, it’s also core to who we are as a company. Widely known for our “Good Hands”, we pride ourselves in providing meaningful opportunities and resources to give back to our communities. It’s a key aspect of what makes Allstate a great place to work.  We believe in creating prosperity in our communities and embody the belief that corporations can make the world a better place.

Allstate encourages its employees to support communities where the company does business by offering their time, talent and resources. As the company’s VP of Talent Management, Talent Acquisition and Inclusive Diversity, why is giving back important?

Giving back is core to Allstate’s culture and a key aspect of how we engage employees and attract would-be Allstaters who share our values and commitment to giving back. We’re purpose-driven and believe in using our leadership and functional skills to help other organizations succeed and help those in need. Through our skills-based volunteer programs, employees are empowered to use their expertise to strengthen community organizations – all while developing themselves as leaders. When our communities are thriving, we all win.

What impact do you hope Allstate’s employees will have on the markets and communities they serve?

Simply put, Allstaters are here to serve. It’s at the heart of everything we do. At Allstate, we make a conscious choice to lead by serving our customers and communities. Whether it’s volunteering for a cause near and dear to our hearts or participating in one of our Allstate-sponsored signature programs (youth empowerment, empowering victims of domestic violence), I want all Allstaters to know they are a force for good, in their local communities and beyond. It’s about channeling your individual purpose to make the work we do and the world we live in a better place.

Are there any additional comments you would like to provide?

Supporting volunteerism and giving back is part of our DNA and makes me proud to be an Allstater. I love being a part of the important work The Allstate Foundation supports and seeing first-hand the impact we have on society.