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Mpowered Families VOTE: register to vote up until (and on) Election Day, November 3!

There is still time to register to vote!

While the October 18 deadline for online voter registration has passed, voters still have the option to register to vote and vote at all early voting locations. You can even register on election day (November 3) in Illinois at your polling place.

Where can I find a safe and secure Ballot Drop Box?

You can drop off your completed ballot today at a secure drop box location near you! Below, we’ve listed locations near our Centers, or find another location near you here.

  • Calumet Center: Ward 9, Curtis Elementary School, 32 E. 115th St.
  • Midway Children’s Center: Ward 17, Southside High School, 7342 S. Hoyne Ave.
  • Midway Learning & Wellness Center: Ward 20, Friske Elementary School, 6020 S. Langley Ave.
  • Midway Center: Ward 23, Dore Elementary School, 7134 W. 65th St.
  • Midway DV Advocacy: Ward 25, Jungman Elementary School, 1746 S. Miller St.
  • North Center: Ward 30, Lorca Elementary School, 3231 N. Springfield Ave.
  • Southeast Chicago Center: Ward 10, Sadlowski Elementary School, 3930 E. 105th St.