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Happy Social Worker Appreciation Month!

Metropolitan Calumet’s Social Workers come together to celebrate in recognition of Social Work Month!

“I am incredibly proud of the social workers at MFS,” shares Calumet Center Executive Director Carrie Pullie. “Our social workers are empathetic, resilient, and empowering advocates and I thank them for their work.”

We recognize the history that social workers have played in Chicago, from Jane Addams to our current staff who work daily to address barriers and are committed to ensuring equal rights for all clients. Social workers have been an integral part of our city and nation for decades.

The time is right for social work! Learn more about Social Work Appreciation Month from the National Association of Social Workers.

Thank you to our Calumet Social Workers!

  • Jennifer McCraw, LCSW
  • Crystal Boyd, MSW
  • Nicola Blair, LCSW
  • Melody Pullum, MSW
  • Jasmine Ramos, LSW
  • Milan Walker, MSW
  • Barbara Sams, MSW
  • Annika Pangan, MSW
  • Kelsey Pierce, AM
  • Meredith Williams, AM
  • Alisa Williams, LSW
  • Lakisha Hanson, MSW
  • Kelly Craney, MS