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November 12, 2020
4:30-6:00pm CST

Chicago-area civic, business and philanthropic leaders will celebrate the culmination of 2020 support for Metropolitan Family Services at Mpower the Night, an engaging evening to empower and support our neighbors.

Mpower the Night will feature a unique and important dialogue, exploring the realities of violence prevention and the reasons to feel hopeful about peace in Chicago. We’ll hear from those directly involved in the conflicts our city faces about what is needed to establish and maintain peace.

Proceeds support Metropolitan’s programs and services, which empower more than 95,000 families and individuals to learn, earn, heal and thrive.

Honoring this year’s Legacy Awardee

Northern Trust will be honored with the Legacy Award, to be accepted by Michael G. O’Grady, Chairman, President and CEO of Northern Trust.


  • Scott Swanson, Chair
    PNC Bank President, IL 
  • Erik Barefield
  • Erica Borggren
  • Erica Canzona
  • Merle Goldblatt Cohen
  • Marcus Cooper
  • Tanya Davis
  • Craig Esko
  • Graham Gerst
  • Kristine Givens
  • Amanda Graveline
  • Stephen M. Griesemer
  • Christy Harris
  • Roger Hochschild
  • Tony Hunter
  • Ashley Duchossois Joyce
  • John L. MacCarthy
  • Marilyn Marchetti
  • Aleck Matambo
  • John V.N. McClure
  • Kate Melman
  • Martha Melman
  • Toyin Ogun
  • Emily Ory
  • Chip Owens
  • Brian Paladie
  • Diana Palomar
  • Virginia L. Pillman
  • Richard Price
  • Dan Rahill
  • Barbara Rapp
  • Bryan Rozum
  • Sophia Ruffolo
  • Kecia Steelman
  • David Tropp
  • Michael Vardas