Who Can Benefit From Our Services?

You may have been a victim of human trafficking if you had to work, provide services, or engage in a commercial sex act because:

  • Someone lied to you or tricked you about what you would doing or
  • Someone said they would or did hurt you, your friends, or your family or
  • Someone said you owed them money and to pay them back you had to work where they told you or
  • Someone took and kept from you, your passport, immigration papers, or other form of identification document or
  • Someone said they would report you to immigration services or have you deported or arrested unless you worked where they told you or participated in the sexual act or
  • You were not able to leave

OR you knew or believed if you didn’t perform the work or engage in the commercial sex act, any of the following would happen:

  • You or your family or your friends would be hurt or
  • You or your family or your friends would be confined to a trunk, room, or other small space or
  • You would lose shelter or access to food or protection or anything else you felt you needed or
  • You would be reported to immigration services and deported

What is a commercial sex act?

A commercial sex act is when someone gave you or another person any of the following in order to have sex with you:

Illustrated money


Illustrated clothes hanger icon


Illustrated pills


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Illustrated house


Illustrated diamond

Anything of value

You may also have been a victim of human trafficking if any of the following happened when you were under the age of 18:

  • You were involved in a commercial sex act
  • You were involved in a sexual performance, like lap dancing or dancing naked at a strip club or anywhere else or
  • Someone took pictures of you naked or videotaped you naked

We may be able to help even if:

  • You are married to your trafficker/pimp
  • You are related to your trafficker/pimp
  • You were paid for the acts
  • You complied, or otherwise obeyed, or made no attempt to escape
  • It was a single incident
  • You participated in the sex trade before the incident(s) described above occurred
  • You participated in the sex trade after the incidents(s) described above occurred
  • There was no physical contact or force used against you
  • There is no criminal case pending against your trafficker/pimp/third party

The Human Trafficking Initiative provides free legal services to clients who otherwise may not be able to afford an attorney. When you call for an appointment you will be asked to provide information about the amount of money you currently make. Currently, the Human Trafficking Initiative provides services to clients who are at or below a 125% of the federal poverty line. Don’t worry about figuring out if meet that standard, just give us a call and we will take your information and figure it out for you.

If you are not sure whether the Human Trafficking Initiative can help you; please call and mention the Human Trafficking Initiative: 312-986-4200. Se habla Español.

All communications are confidential.