Legal Services Provided

The Human Trafficking Initiative provides holistic legal services to survivors of human trafficking. We aim to help people who face legal problems that are a result of their trafficking. Examples of the legal services the Human Trafficking Initiative may provide include (but are not limited to):

  • Immigration relief, including “T” visas, for victims and their families
  • Removing a prostitution conviction from your criminal record
  • Recovering money from those who made money from forcing, keeping, or tricking you into work, services or a commercial sex act
  • Helping with orders of protection, divorce and custody
  • Clearing your credit history if someone used your name or credit card (removing any debt a trafficker or pimp built up under your name)
  • Representing survivors who testify in court against their trafficker
  • Obtaining proper legal documentation, including proof of age and name at birth
  • Custody and guardianship of victims’ children and of child victims
  • Eviction and housing issues
  • Accessing education
  • Job and employment related matters
  • Financial issues, such as fraud, income tax, and bankruptcy
  • Work permit authorization for foreign nationals
  • Accessing public benefits
  • Name changes
  • Assisting with other legal issues