“Know Your Rights” Workshops

The Legal Aid Bureau’s “Know Your Rights” workshops help educate older adults, domestic violence survivors, and the community at large on their legal rights related to the following areas:

Housing and Consumer Issues

  • Tenants’ Rights
  • Your Rights in a Foreclosure Action
  • How to Avoid Predatory Lending
  • Pay Day Loans – Pitfalls and Protections
  • Overcoming Bad Credit

Legal Rights of Domestic Violence Survivors

  • Orders of Protection – How to Get One, Who They Can Protect
  • How to Separate Safely and Protect Your Rights to Custody, Support, and a Fair Division of Debts & Assets

Legal Rights of the Elderly

  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
  • Reverse Mortgages – An Opportunity to Stay in Your Home
  • Spotting a Mortgage or Home Improvement Loan Scam
  • Protecting Our Elders from Abuse and Financial Exploitation
  • Health Care and Financial Powers of Attorney

Upcoming Events and Workshops

To schedule a Know Your Rights workshop in your area or to register for training call 312-986-4015.