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Legal Aid Society joins ACLU and 20 other public interest groups in opposing city nuisance ordinance

Metropolitan’s Legal Aid Society is proud to join the Shriver Center, ACLU of Illinois, and 20+ other public interest groups in urging the City of Chicago to repeal its “chronic illegal activity premises ordinance”, which harms survivors of domestic violence and persons with disabilities.

Currently, the ordinance (Section 8-4-087) can lead to threats of eviction, fines, or other penalties for 911 calls, essentially pressuring landlords to discourage tenants from making calls to police. For crime victims and other tenants who need assistance from police or emergency services, this ordinance leads to a range of serious due process and civil rights concerns.

Liz Stubbins, a staff attorney in the Legal Aid Society’s Poverty Law Project, speaks about the ordinance and its implications for key audiences Metropolitan serves.

Read more about this effort from the ACLU of Illinois.