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Howard Area Community Center Becomes a Center of Metropolitan Family Services


Ann Pinkney, Metropolitan Family Services
PinkneyA@metrofamily.org or 312-986-4032

Howard Area Community Center Becomes a Center of Metropolitan Family Services

Will Continue Its Commitment to Greater Rogers Park Area & Expand to Evanston

CHICAGO (October 25, 2021) – Howard Area Community Center, a social service organization serving the Greater Rogers Park community for five decades, will become a Center of Metropolitan Family Services, the first comprehensive human services organization chartered in Illinois.

Coming together with Metropolitan’s existing Evanston Center to form the Howard & Evanston Community Center, the combined Center will achieve shared goals and develop a continuum of supportive services to the communities of Rogers Park, West Ridge, Edgewater and Evanston.

“We at Howard Area Community Center are looking forward to joining forces with another human services agency that shares our commitment to community and our holistic approach to supporting families,” said Ron Kramer, Board Chair of Howard Area Community Center. “By combining our knowledge and resources, we will enhance our ability to offer a better chance for a brighter tomorrow, throughout our communities and now Metropolitan’s communities as well.”

“Metropolitan Family Services is committed to continuing HACC’s legacy of community empowerment, as well as building on Metropolitan’s existing presence in Evanston,” said Ric Estrada, President & CEO of Metropolitan Family Services. “We’re inspired by the great potential in further developing our strengths together.”

HACC and Metropolitan believe that significant alignment exists between these two organizations, in terms of their missions, commitment to local governance, and complementary common core programs, as well as multiservice, center-based delivery models. The overlap between the two organizations in these fundamental areas, as well as opportunities for both to grow, is a primary driver for HACC joining the Metropolitan family and a strong indication that this is a natural, mutually beneficial step.

Metropolitan Family Services will take over administrative duties on October 1, 2021, while preserving the corporate entity of Howard Area Community Center and its 501(c)(3) status.

About Metropolitan Family Services Howard & Evanston Community Center
Metropolitan Family Services Howard & Evanston Community Center meets children and families where they are throughout Chicago’s Greater Rogers Park Area and Evanston, stabilizing their lives with a range of holistic social services in areas including education, economic stability, emotional wellness, and emergency intervention. The Howard & Evanston Community Center is part of Metropolitan Family Services, which has been empowering Chicago-area families to reach their greatest potential and positively impact their communities since 1857.

About Metropolitan Family Services
Metropolitan Family Services empowers more than 100,000 children and families to learn, earn, heal and thrive. We meet those in our communities where they are, supporting and adapting to their consistently evolving needs with a range of holistic social and legal services as well as incorporating in-person and virtual wellness checks, food and supply distributions, testing and vaccination events, and beyond. www.metrofamily.org.

About Howard Area Community Center
The mission of Howard Area Community Center is to assist low-income individuals and families in the greater Rogers Park and adjacent communities to stabilize their lives and to develop the social skills necessary to become effective community members. In order to accomplish this mission, the agency’s programs provide emergency intervention, family stabilization, and promote developmental growth. www.howardarea.org

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