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Happy Mother’s Day from North Center’s Community Schools program!

Students from our North Center’s Community Schools partner Reinberg Elementary spent an afternoon writing Mother’s Day cards for their moms – but they didn’t stop there. The students also wrote empowering notes for mothers in our community.

Tamara Sutton, Resource Coordinator at Reinberg Elementary, explains: “This year we’ve done a lot of work around “thankfulness” and gratefulness” and showing everyone (those we know and do not) love and appreciation…essentially spreading love freely in both tangible and non-tangible ways.  To expand on this theme, for Mother’s Day we wanted to do something thought provoking for the students yet meaningful for mothers.”

Mother’s Day Cards

The students of the program made Mother’s Day cards that were mailed home to their mothers. The messages inside included either a letter, poem or song. This was a three-part process:

  • In the “draft” process, they included 10 words that described their mother and 6 things that would be impossible without them.
  • Students had the choice of 6 different hand-made card options to decorate. This day also spent time teaching the students how to complete a envelope and how to do mailings, then the students and staff put the cards in the mailbox together.
  • The final step was a “check-out” with the students about the process, their mother’s reaction, and how they will use the traditional mailing process in the future.


Empowering Notes for Mothers

The students also joined in the celebration of mothers at our North Center’s Cabi event. Mothers come into the Center for a spa day with hair, makeup, and nails, as well as a shopping spree with a personal stylist for outfits they need at work or home. Our staff wanted the mothers participating to know how special they are, so with help from the students, each mother received a special handwritten notes with her bag of clothes and supplies.

The students wrote encouraging, inspiring, loving messages on note cards and decorated them. These were addressed to mothers in general and included messages like “you are amazing” and “you are strong and beautiful.” These were be given to the mothers as they leave from the event – as Tamara puts it, “for a little motivation to keep being the wonderful mothers they are.”