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Happy Halloween from our Young Fathers Program

When asked the men in our Young Fathers program about their Halloween traditions with their kids, we heard a lot of “Halloween movies!” and “trick-or-treating!” but, given the work they’re doing to improve themselves and their relationships with their children, we also learned about some of the ways they’re being conscientious.

From taking their kids to different neighborhoods outside the Southeast Chicago area to Hyde Park or Hammond, to buying their own candy to ensure they know what’s in the treats, our young men spoke about how much they enjoy taking their kids out to enjoy the holiday – safely.

Another thing on everyone’s mind was family time. “Family time is very charitable,” one dad said. “A lot of people don’t have family, so it’s important to stay together.” Another continued, “It’s important to make memories with your kids that they don’t forget.”

Happy Halloween from our Young Fathers program!


The Gerst Family Young Fathers Program helps fathers to become employed and financially self-sufficient, and to raise healthy children. The program includes job readiness training and placement, money management training, parent education and co-parenting counseling. Participants are encouraged to actively nurture and financially support their children. Learn more here.