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Happy Father’s Day!

What does being a father mean to you?

“To me, a good dad means to be a leader, a provider, someone that your child can speak with, and above all, be real with.”
– Ivan, a Gerst Family Young Fathers Program participant and award recipient at this year’s annual banquet

Everyone should have the mentality that you’re doing a great job as a dad, because you’re trying. Even if you fail to meet some ends, you’re still trying. That’s what being a father means, is trying.”
– Kyle, a Gerst Family Young Fathers Program participant and an award recipient at last year’s annual banquet

Learn how Metropolitan’s Gerst Family Young Fathers Program Mpowers dads like Ivan and Kyle on Father’s Day and every day

Our recent Young Fathers Award Banquet honored Stepfather of the Year Hector, Unsung Hero Ivan, and Father of the Year Justin for showing dedication to their children and serving as positive role models. 

  • We shared photos and videos from the banquet.
  • We recognized community partners like Sunni Powell, the barber who helps our young dads present themselves to the world. (Read Sunni’s story here)
  • Ivan and Hector shared their experiences on a Father’s Day segment for WGN Radio. (Listen here)

Mpowered fathers and male caregivers make immeasurable impact in their families. What does father engagement look like across Metropolitan? A few of our favorite examples:

  • Metropolitan Dads are Superheroes! An Early Learning photo shoot gave dads and male caregivers the opportunity to dress in superhero costumes with their kids. (See the photos here)
  • We offer internal trainings around the connection between father figure engagement and positive outcomes for children, so staff across the agency can incorporate positive father-involved practices into their programs – like ensuring our Centers’ events are as father-inclusive as possible.