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Family of the Year Award

Join us Saturday, November 2 as we honor the Tony Hunter family! Learn more about Mpower the Night.

Honoring the Tony Hunter Family

A leader of companies and advisor for 30+ years, Tony Hunter provides practical leadership lessons on strategy and organization-driven reinventions. He has navigated massive disruption throughout his career as CEO, strategist and advisor. Most notably, during his time at Tribune, he led transformational efforts as CEO of Tribune Publishing and Publisher of the Chicago Tribune.

Tony is the Chairman of Revolution Enterprises, as well as the founder of TWH Inc., an advisory firm that specializes in working with senior executive teams and companies to think bigger and bolder, translate strategy into action, and align organizations to move faster through a method he likes to call “orgagility.”

“I’m excited to go from the disrupted to the disruptor,” says Tony.

Tony is a non-practicing CPA. He earned his BA from Coe College and his MBA from DePaul. He is the former chair of the News Media Alliance, Chair Emeritus of Metropolitan Family Services and United Way board member. Tony is a husband, father and grandfather, his favorite “job” title.